Lego Joins the Digital Bandwagon

We all have stacked or watched someone stacking piles of lego bricks in a multitude of colours to make forests, buildings, people, cities, gadgets and several things. But whoever would have thought that Lego would one day be associated with gadgets that could actually work: a camera that could click pictures, a boom box which would have you dancing to the tune blaring out of it and so on..
Via KidsTechReview.com

Digital Blue and LEGO have announced a licencing agreement that will bring several LEGO branded kid’s tech products to market. The line is scheduled for release this summer and will include digital cameras, video cameras, MP3 players, walkie talkies and other electronics.

The entire line will have a brick-built look to it, though devices like the LEGO digital camera, won’t actually be built out of bricks, at least not bricks that come apart. Probably a good design decision given kids have a tendency to drop things like this. Parents wouldn’t be too jazzed about having to rebuild a camera each time it gets dropped.


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