Karnataka Learning Partnership

The KLP team is now blogging at http://blog.klp.org.in/

As a brief background:

KLP has implemented two major short-term learning programmes in government schools, focusing mainly on Bangalore but also reaching Mysore and areas of Central and North Karnataka.

  1. A reading programme designed to get children reading through colorful story cards and the opportunity to interact and practice reading aloud in a small group. Nearly 70,000 children in Bangalore participated in this programme. In the coming academic year, it will be scaled up to reach children in every school in 10 districts in Karnataka.
  2. A math programme designed to help children build a foundation of basic math competencies through hands-on learning materials, games, and activities. This programme has reached 36,000 children in South Bangalore to date, and will extend to North Bangalore in the coming academic year.
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f you’re interested in education and in particular, improving the quality of education in government run schools, this blog is a must on your reading list.


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