From Kolhapur to Beijing: Virdhawal goes Freestyle!

Virdhawal Khade is 16 years old, and is going to be the youngest swimmer to represent India in an Olympic Games. With single-minded determination, Virdhawal trained for several years, as a schoolboy in Kolhapur, before moving to Bangalore to get some world-class training from c Nihar Ameen.

Virdhawal has qualified for the 200m and 100m freestyle events at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in August. Sports experts think the 6 feet 3inches tall swimmer has a good chance of winning a medal in the 2012 London Olympics.

So inspiring is the story of this boy from Kolhapur that Pratham Books is publishing a book about him in eight languages.

Why is he called ‘Veer’? Is a race just about being the fastest? What goes on in the mind of a champion-in-the-making? We hope you will get all these answers in the book to be launched soon. We hope Veer’s story inspires millions of young people, in small towns and big towns, to play more even as they read more.

Virdhawal and his supporters look forward to your good wishes for him! Do send your comments through this post.



  1. Purvi June 20, 2008

    Way to go Veer…..make us proud…

  2. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    Great stuff! Good luck!

  3. Kolhapur World June 20, 2008

    We are pleased to know that your are publishing a book about life of a Kolhapurkar, Kindly lets us know when the book is out. my id : [email protected] and also do visit our city portal


  4. Jaffar June 24, 2008

    Veer, Good luck and set the pool ablaze.

  5. nfe June 27, 2008

    God bless you.A person like you is needed for country.
    very good best of luck.

  6. Shakun June 30, 2008

    I & all Indians proud of you.
    You are a roal model for others. I am pleased to know about your achivements & book to be published on you to spread awareness among other kids.

  7. Praveen June 30, 2008

    Good Luck and do your Best

  8. Anonymous June 30, 2008

    Good Luck! Be in the present and you will surely win. It is the anxitey and fear of the future that takes away the potential for success. Vijayee Bhava!

  9. Munazza July 1, 2008

    Go Veer Go!!!

  10. Deepa July 2, 2008

    Your very own book! Wow and well deserved Good luck Veer! I am rooting for you.

  11. Chitra July 4, 2008

    May the Almighty God shower on you His choicest blessings. We are proud of you. You will win our hearts again. All the very best to you !

  12. pooja July 14, 2008

    “BEST OF LUCK” for olympics……..
    Do well….
    Keep goin

  13. Kalyani July 22, 2008

    You are an inspiration to so many Indian children! I will be reading out your story to my little daughter… God bless you! Do your best!

  14. bond jamesbond July 22, 2008

    Make all INDIANS proud..

  15. Anonymous July 23, 2008

    We are proud of you and hope you make us proud too by winning. Keep up the spirit…

  16. Muks July 23, 2008

    With your determination and hard work, God’s blessings and our prayers, Victory will be at your door steps. You have made us proud already.

  17. casrao July 24, 2008

    wish you all the very best and great success.The well wishes of the people of India be on you.

  18. Mala July 24, 2008

    Virdhawal, may you inspire thousands of young girls and boys to take up sports! Keep our flag flying high!

  19. SNEHA July 24, 2008


  20. Fayth July 24, 2008


    Who are these people–
    These doers of deeds,
    These dreamers of dreams
    Who make us believe?

    Who are these people
    Who still win the day–
    When the odds are against them
    And strength fades away?

    These people are champions,
    For they never give in.
    A heart beats within them
    That is destined to win.

    They follow their dreams
    Through the journey seems far,
    From the top of a mountain
    They reach out to a star.

    And when they have touched it–
    When their journey is done–
    They give to us hope
    From the victories they won.

    So here’s to the champions–
    To all their great deeds.
    They follow their hearts
    And become winners indeed

  21. Pramod July 24, 2008

    All the best. Do your best!!

  22. srikant July 24, 2008

    may all over deities be wid u ..God speed..

  23. sangita July 24, 2008

    Aii the best.Make all INDIANS proud.

  24. Laheri July 25, 2008

    Hey Veer,
    Go man, and be the first Indian to win a gold in this event. By being the youngest to qualify, you already have made us so proud and so happy for you. Wishing you nothing but the best.
    Laheri and Family

  25. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Give it your best! Go Veer Go!

  26. Shirin July 25, 2008


    Just to say we're rooting for you.

    janak & shirin

  27. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Hey Dude…

    Best of luck…..n returns with troffy in hand and India in heart…

    vande Matram!!

  28. Ramendra Kumar July 25, 2008

    All the very best Veer, the entire country is rooting for you.
    Don’t worry about the result, just put in your best effort and that itself will make all of us proud of you.

  29. Shrinidhi Hande July 25, 2008

    Best wishes Veer… Make India Proud…


  30. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Go veer, U can do it all the very best, god bless u…. we all are with u.

  31. Gautam July 25, 2008

    Good luck Veer! Give it your best – we ask no more…

  32. Asavari Nair July 25, 2008

    Good Luck & God Bless You Veer.
    Our Best wishes are with U.
    Try your best……………

  33. sangeetha udaya July 26, 2008

    all the best
    may god be ur side and make ur parents,india and indians proud

  34. sangeetha udaya July 26, 2008

    all the best
    may god be ur side and make ur parents,india and indians proud

  35. Madhav July 26, 2008

    All the best Veer! You’re a source of pride for all of us and I’m sure this is just the beginning of a hugely successful journey …

  36. harshit July 26, 2008

    common man u can do it n just do it we trust u

  37. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    Here are some messages for Virdhaval from my friends, others have already sent their messages at [email protected] . Cheers once again from me ..

    Anup Tiwari says , “We wish him all THE BEST and really hope Jhanda Ucha Rahe Hamara…Kudos Man. Swimming and India…worth a watch “ .

    Paul Sebastian says , “Let him fly the dreams though swimming…there is a distance to be covered. Convey my regards too”

    R S Dev says, “Wish him all the best. Let him bring glory for INDIA. “

    Swati Tiwari says, “Sadew roshan dikhe yeh sitara humara , Chamke aise ki lage druv taara , Virdhawal ko saara pyaar aur aashirwaad humaara “

    Kamalesh says, “I forwarded this to all my team members & friends. I wish him all the very best to get succeed & to get a trophy for our country. Jai Hind. “

    Sachin Pandey yes another teenager like him( an achiever in his own right) says, “I wish him luck….May god bless him”

    Angel, she is a Fillipino friend of mine , who has wished him goodluck. She says, “I may not be from ur country but I want to extend my best regards and wish him goodluck from me.May God help him to bring out the most coveted award u expect him to have for ur country. God bless You . “

    Raj says, “a sincere heartly wishes to this young boy ..”

    Ajatshatru says, “Please convey my best wishes to him…the fact that he has qualified for Olympics is an achievement by itself and I am sure he will not rest at that and will give his best to come out a winner.
    God Bless him. ”

  38. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    Dear Veer,
    Wishing you all the very best and looking forward for your best time at Olympics.
    We believe you will make us and all Indians feel proud.
    Warm Wishes from Spoorthi, Sahana and Srushti

  39. Elizabeth July 28, 2008

    Go for it, Veer! Just swim your heart out and we’ll be proud of you no matter what. I am sure you will show the way for more kids to follow.

  40. Sam Thomas July 28, 2008

    Live your dream, Vir. And, you will inspire other aspiring (non-cricket) athletes in this country to dare to dream too.

    Hats off to your parents for spotting and nuturing your swimming talent; and to the coaching team and the team at GoSports, for enabling you to translate it to performance in the pool.

  41. Ghouse July 29, 2008

    All the Best This is not the end But Just begining to your Long International Career
    we will be with U

    Ghouse Mohiddin

  42. vibhavathi July 29, 2008

    Hi vir,all the best.Go and win the competition.It’s a great honour that you are representing INDIA.Once again ALL THE BEST.

  43. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    hey veer…u have proved urself…u r a STAR..and v indians r sure that u will surely win gold in olyampics sumday….

  44. Anonymous August 9, 2008


  45. Bharath Kumar November 28, 2010

    hey veer, all the best for Indian Swimming and you will be leading it.

  46. Mubashir Khatri January 16, 2017

    The Swim entered the pool area like he always does with a bit of a strut. He wants the other disciplines, who are watching this first practice, to know that he is nothing but slick.


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