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Here’s a story on our story cards…


The story of the Storycards is an interesting one! They are a living example of making an effort to reach the last child… Pratham Books has always been committed to increase penetration so that ALL children have access to good reading material. As Pratham’s programmes began to touch the lives of more and more children through the READ India Campaign, there was a need for low cost material that could be distributed to the children. This was how the idea of creating story cards out of Pratham Books’ titles germinated. In economically disadvantaged states, even the cost of a Pratham Books title would make it a discretionary buy whereas a story card can strengthen and encourage reading at a fraction of the cost and can be an attractive and motivational takeaway for a child.The fact that Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan used our story cards for their programmes in many states is testimony to their value and how they are contributing to the universalisation of elementary education. Since we have been using existing material from our books, it is a product which is in colour and therefore attractive and it wears well as it is laminated and the text has already proved its worth in a book form, it is a truly value laden product for a child who has not had access to good books.


Let me put in where Manisha left off. We have printed more than a million cards (more like 2 million if we include cards that have been printed by SSA etc)

Our storycards have been distributed through UP, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu. Punjab govt has selected 18 cards as part of a package for the Parho Punjab program this year. In Bihar, UP, Rajasthan and West Bengal they were used in Pratham programs with the govt or otherwise. In Assam and Gujarat the SSA printed the cards and used them in their programs with govt schools across the states. In Tamil Nadu, Aid India printed and distributed the cards. UNICEF bought our cards last year for their program in Tonk district in Rajasthan. In the first phase we developed 24 cards in Hindi only for the 3-6 age group. However, now we have 40 cards in Hindi (40 in English) for 3-6 age group, 12 in Hindi (9 in English) for 7-10 and 20 for the 11-14 group. These cards can be made available in English, Marathi, Urdu, Kannada or any language that we publish in. We have sets of 24 cards in Hindi for 3-6 years in an attractive pack for Rs 50/- But we can offer discounts on large orders and we have stocks of cards at Bangalore and Delhi currently. These cards are useful to organisations for large programs where resource and material mobilisation has to be optimised. It would be really nice if we could sell these cards at Re. 1 each.

If you’d like to buy these cards, in bulk or otherwise, drop us a line. Our email address is listed at the top right of this blog.

And this is what our story cards look like:

Read this document on Scribd: tap tap tapak

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  1. Purvi June 20, 2008

    And more power to Pratham Books’ storycards!!!

    Just want to take you’ll thru a little story [real life one:)] that manisha recently shared:

    Recently a gent from Bamnipur in the heartland of UP called our sales team on many consecutive days to obtain a set of story cards worth Rs 50/- which he has duly sent us a money order for after leaving the money with the post master because on that rainy day there were no forms …this man has shared with us how he saw our cards and he wants it for his 5 year old son…Wow!!! Amazing dedication and spirit and goes on to prove that for a good product customers will go that extra mile!

  2. Shrinidhi Hande June 25, 2008

    Good initiative. Didn’t know you people have started a blog section…

    Best wishes

  3. Gautam June 25, 2008

    Shrinidhi, thanks for dropping by. Your review is something we still read… 🙂

  4. Harish August 6, 2008

    Where can i get story cards

  5. Gautam August 6, 2008

    Hi Harish:

    You could call our office on 080-25429726

  6. Anonymous December 19, 2012

    In Chennai where can I get your books, especially the 'Story Cards'? Please reply to my email ID: [email protected]

  7. Do you have English Story cards package ?

  8. Do you have English Story cards? And please sent the amount of the two English Story cards rate


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