Literacy Bridge

Cliff has a great post up on his trip to Ghana and reports back on his experiences in selling their Talking Book project there.

The Talking Book Project:

… new and affordable digital audio technology to provide vital information and literacy training to people with limited access to either. The information will be in the form of locally recorded, spoken content on an interactive audio device. The technology will be used for two major purposes: training of reading skills and communication of information.

The majority of people living in extreme poverty are not able to use written information to improve their lives due to illiteracy. The Talking Book technology will provide both a short and long term solution:

  • Short Term: Provide crucial information in a form that they can consume and understand now.
  • Long Term: Provide literacy training so that they can eventually access information in text form.

The rest of their blog, Bridge Notes, is a good read too.


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