JUMPSTART 2016 : Have You Registered?

JUMPSTART is back and this year’s festival is going to school! We are also happy to announce that Pratham Books is also collaborating to organize the ‘JUMPSTART ALCHEMY LAB’.


JUMPSTART and Pratham Books cook up some new theories on how children learn science in middle school. We invite all middle school science teachers to come and remix and reboot ideas. Click on the image below for details about the workshop. 
Cost of the workshop : Rs.250+tax (the workshop is free for government & affiliated schools. Please mail abhishek(at)prathambooks(dot)org to confirm your participation.)
To register : sign up here.

About the festival :

In Jumpstart 2016 we travel along the wide and deep interface between education in school and children’s content. The prelude of the thinkfest asks the most primary questions. What do children like? How do they learn? How do we get Better Outcomes in Education? How to content creators nurture a democracy of opportunity within the system which recognizes the inherent diversity among children? What can we do to encourage madly creative content that delights and educates? 

The major chord thrums as it explores the idea of Innovation in Education. What are the evolving pedagogies in classrooms and is the content moving in step with them? How are language and science classrooms different today? What are publishers doing differently in new ecosystems of learning? Are new products being designed differently? Has technology influenced design itself? Are new formats transforming content creation and delivery or not? And most importantly, are children learning better because of this?

You can attend the festival in Delhi (2nd-3rd August) or Bangalore (6th August). Find more details about the festival and registration here.


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