It's Raining Books This Monsoon!

The monsoon is here and it’s raining books at Pratham books too. Here is the our latest offering…
Thirteen books on different subjects that will delight you. From grabbing a glass of water after eating a chilli to eating sweet lal badams to some camera action – we’ve got it covered. Want to play hockey? No problem. Want to know how to make a smart will? No problem. Want to dance like a flamingo? No problem. Don’t want to brush your teeth? A problem, definitely. But we have a solution too.

Go ‘Around the World with a Chilli‘ in much less than 80 days! A walk back in time that tells us the chilli’s interesting journey to India.

Do you like eating lal badams? But is it a nut or a fruit? Let’s find out under ‘The Lal Badam Tree‘.

Flamingos are beautiful birds. Do you wish to dance like them? Simple! Launch into the flamenco dance. Photographed by Anita Mani and Vijay Kumar Sethi, ‘The Dance of the Flamingo‘ is a visual treat.

All you movie buffs, just imagine you had the time but there were no movies to watch. Scary, right? So we owe it to Dadasaheb Phalke who gave us our first ever Indian film. Here is the making of the ‘film’ in ‘Lights…Camera…Action!
The national game of India and its magician, Dhyan Singh ‘Chand’ are here to inspire you to pick up the hockey stick and play.

Meeting in the Street‘ with Mahendra and Valli will allay your fear of getting lost in a new town. These helpful kids not only point you in the right direction but will also accompany you to your destination fearing for your safety en route.

A Stranger Comes Calling‘ and Ambika and Govinda are fascinated by him. Why? Read to find out.

Will it take a sabzpari waving her magic wand or playing her jaltarang to save our environment? ‘Sabzpari’s Jaltarang‘ does just that.

Or will it take an alien to wake us up to keeping our surroundings clean? ‘The Boink Mystery‘ answers this question.

The partition of India was not just that of the nation but also of lives. A view of the impact the Partition had on people on both sides of the divided country is beautifully depicted in ‘Five Faces of Mother India‘.
The sagacity of a father saves his family. Where there’s a will there’s a way, don’t you agree?

Our dear Pehelwaan ji makes a comeback! This time around he learns a very slippery lesson that he’ll never forget.

A fun way to brush your teeth night and day. Brushing is fun in ‘Brushing is no fun!


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