International Seminar on Creating Content for Children

Via Damroo

10th – 12th November 2011
IDC, IIT Bombay
Supported by Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust
International Seminar and Exhibition
The November Meet seeks to create a space for an exchange of unusual approaches to creating new learning materials for children. We are looking for participation from people who have charted out new routes through well-trodden landscapes.
Please send a brief note on ideas that you might want to speak of – ideas that have legs or wings and once shared are likely to move or fly around to near and distant lands.
About the seminar and exhibition
The focus areas for each day shall be initiated through a keynote address by an eminent guest / artist / writer / educationist. This shall be followed by brief presentations by individuals. The presentations would be punctuated by interactive sessions to help participants exchange ideas.
The approach towards the seminar would seek to go by the hunch that conversations are far more powerful agents of change than any rigidly structured exchanges.
10 November 2011 On the magic of words: Writing for children
On the first day of the seminar, we listen – to writers and poets, and those who have a way with words. Some, would be eminent and some would be aspirants. Some would speak in English, and some would speak in the language they use, while writing for children.
11 November 2011 Images as pointers: Creating Imagery for Children
On the second day we see – the worlds that are conjured up by imaginative visual art, illustrations and animation for children. We listen to artists, writers, animators, designers speak of their concerns and approaches.
12 November 2011 Reaching Out to children: Publishing and Dissemination
On day three, we seek to understand the work of those who have reached out to children. Innovative educators, creative publishers, enthusiastic explorers, people-centred groupsand organisations that have the wisdom that underlies the delicate art of creating content for children.

Exhibition on Learning Materials for Children

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