Improving English Skills of Dharavi Teachers

Many of you know about Dharavi and many of you have seen it on screen through the eyes of the children in Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Dharavi is Asia’s biggest slum and one needs to remember the sheer number of children who live in this slum. To educate these children, it is important that their educators have the necessary skills. Improving the English skills of teachers in Dharavi is one such venture that will impact the education received by the children who study in the slum.

In its unique initiative, Landmark International Institute for Empowerment (LIFE Trust) has introduced a path-breaking technique of teaching English to the Anganwadi school teachers of Dharavi. It is conducting a 2-month pilot project in the slums for 25 Anganwadi teachers. Based on the success of the project, LIFE Trust plans to extend the same to 950 teachers during the year.

Anganwadis are pre-school centers established by the Central Government to engage children in rural, tribal and slum areas across India up to 6 years in an integrated manner.

But in this new endeavor, LIFE Trust has gone a step further and identified a need to extra empower the teachers in language usage and has developed a project around the global language – English, as a start. It has created a unique ‘English DVD’ for this initiative and the teachers will be trained on ultra-modern portable DVD players! The DVDs contain visuals and a voice over to make English learning interesting and interactive. The classroom sessions would be enriched with discussions and role-plays to deliver all round quality learning. Additionally LIFE Trust will also record all the teaching sessions over the 30-day period which will help enhance the module when they expand later this year.

Their main priority right now is to equip the Anganwadi teachers with the necessary skills to develop interesting teaching aids for their students, and create a level playing field for pre-primary students from private and public education institutions.

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