Happy World Storytelling Day

It is World Storytelling Day and we are highly excited about the storytelling event we are conducting between children from the Annasandrapalya Akshara library in Bangalore and children from Central Manor in Pennsylvania. Excited! Excited! Excited!
In this post we are sharing some things children have said about reading and our books:

This is Vinay and he studies in Class 6. He says: “They call me a ‘kitabi-keeda’ – a bookworm- but I don’t mind! I love the Pratham community library and borrow books daily. In fact, I sometimes don’t go out to play at all… if I’m reading a book I like.”

Satish says: “They call me naughty Satish, I wonder why! I just like to have fun. I also love to read story books!! I am 12 and study in class 6. My teachers never punish me if I am naughty because I come first in class. My teachers say that’s because I’m always reading books at the Pratham Library”.

This is Swati and she is 8 years old. She says: “I love looking at pictures in books when I come to the Pratham library. Didi reads us such nice stories.”

Happy World Storytelling Day everyone. Share a story and sprinkle some magic!


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