Girl Star: Anita the Beekeeper

Last weekend we posted a link to a short film titled ‘Balika Shivir’. The short inspirational film we chose for this week is : “Girl Star: Anita the Beekeeper”, directed by Vikash Nowlakha. The chirpy and bubbly narration sets the tone for the film – a film that has a good ending. A film that brings a big wide grin on yur face as you watch it.

Synopsis from the culture unplugged website:

Anita’s film is beautifully filmed in rural Bihar with large trees, and slanting light caught just after the rain. Anita wears fairy wings, and clay piggy banks hang from trees. This is the story of Anita in the present day, with simultaneous re-telling of the story as if she was also five years old. Anita’s story is a triumph for not only does she enroll herself in school, she finds a way to pay for her education twice – once by teaching other children, and the second time, by becoming Bihar’s first woman beekeeper. Anita is studying for an English Literature degree and she has made her parents promise not to arrange her marriage until she has completed her college degree .


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