Fun with Fishing – at the BLF-Pratham Books Outreach Programme

Come Friday, the 26th of September ’14 and it was time for some jolly good fun for the little second, third and fourth graders at the Bangalore International School. Little did they know the kind of fun that was in store for them.
It was a butterflies-in-the-stomach-but-still-very-excited morning for Soumya Menon, illustrator of “My fish!” “No, my fish!” and me. But our nervousness was all but forgotten as soon as we entered the school. Colours, colours and some more beautiful colours was all we could see as we made our way in. The school had a very soothing effect owing to the murals on the walls, pretty drawings and fun captions/quotes on the bulletin board. 
The two sessions (a part of BLF-Pratham Books Outreach Programme) comprised of a very excited young audience, quick to question and quick to laugh. The overhead projector was the magician that made the storytelling session of “My fish!” “No, my fish!” come alive. The kids were very eager and attentive to what was being shown and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Despite their eagerness, nothing escaped their sharp eyes. While some sided with the naughty boys, Choru and Kicchu, some others were with Muniya. A few others with naughty looks on their faces pitied the cat, for he had missed his treat too! 
Soumya’s fish puppets had the children squealing with delight and one little boy cheekily asked how the three fish were living out of the water! 😛
Too much noise was made when ‘Too much noise’ was projected on the screen with kids sympathising with Sringeri Srinivas and voting for the cows too wearing headphones!
Soumya rounded the session with an illustration activity leading to different versions of Choru, Kicchu, Muniya and the three fish.
Some kids promised to keep the three clever fish in mind if and when they went fishing next. They preferred a good fish-dish over being fish-tricked!

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