FREE publication is a month away! 150 books to give away now.

FREE: The Future of a Radical Price will be available in the US and UK from next month. But, read about the experiment they are conducting before it is launched.
Via The Long Tail

We’ll be announcing the many ways in which you can get bits versions of the book (audio, ebook, web) for free around pub date, but in the meantime, it’s time to start giving away some good old atoms!
We want to give books to people who will spread the word–as with free digital forms, we think that free is the best form of marketing. Convince us that you’ve got a megaphone, microphone or at least know people who know people and we’ll send you a signed book, weeks ahead of publication. There are two ways how: 1) Impress us with your cool friends (you get FOUR books!) 2) Impress us with your social media skillz (you get one book)

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