Four delightful storytelling sessions… and a whole lot of fun!

To make Children’s day a super special day for kids in Bangalore, we at Pratham Books organized four delightful storytelling sessions in four different Reliance Timeout stores on 13th November in Bangalore. And what fun it was!
The first of the storytelling sessions was conducted by The Powwow Club at Reliance Timeout at Mantri Mall. Storytellers Vaishali and Anchal of the Powwow Club brought the story “Ambili” to life as they read out the book about the baby elephant who was scared of the rain. The children were excited to see the animal puppets which looked exactly like the ones in the book, and the kids also sang along with the storytellers. There was also a cool “rain dance” and the children had soo much fun jumping and dancing in the puddles (made of newspaper!). All in all, a truly fun Children’s Day for all the kids at Mantri Mall.

At the Reliance Timeout store in Bannerghatta Road, storyteller Arathi Parigi enthralled the audience of little children as she read out the story “Laxman’s Questions”. The children were delighted as she acted out the story with a cute little ‘Laxman’ puppet and lots of bells! Finally, she played a very interesting game with all the children where different questions and answers written on chits of paper were mixed, matched and read out. It was definitely a hilarious end to a great storytelling session.At the Reliance Timeout store in JP Nagar, storyteller Kavitha Kannan read the book “Bulli and the Tiger” to a group of delighted children who were spellbound by her narration of the story. To top this, she held an activity where the children got to design their own cut-outs, and colour them with crayons and sketchpens. The children were super excited as they got to take home a cut-out of their favourite character.

Our final storytelling session for the day took place at the Reliance Timeout store on Cunningham Road. Vijaylakshmi Nagaraj, the author of our book “Rhino Charge”, started with a reading of her book as she enthralled the kids with stories of animals in the jungle. She also read our book “Paplu the Giant” and delighted the children with her dramatic acting of the giant who saved the village as well as with cute puppets (including a cutout of a Bookworm!), which the kids loved. It was a great end to a day filled with fun for all those involved!


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