Follow Your Heart

“Instruction Manual for Life” is a beautiful video we came across. There are several messages that come through this video. Whether you subscribe to it or not, the choice is entirely yours. The message we take from this video is that of ‘following one’s heart’.
Our books encourage children to think for themselves, to explore worlds they haven’t been to before, to question and investigate. As publishers, we have printed books about other children (like 17-year-old Virdhawal Khade’s story “Kolhapur to Beijing: Freestyle!”) who chose the path that called out to them, the path that they knew was theirs and enjoyed the journey on that path. Also, we as publishers have followed through with our dreams of bringing out books we loved, books kids loved, good quality and affordable books for children all across India. Celebrate your dreams and follow your heart!


  1. teresa January 19, 2009

    Wow! This is a beautiful and powerful message! I not only received the message, “follow your own dreams”…. I received messages about Tolerance of others, Understanding of their differences and Love.

  2. Gautam January 19, 2009

    Thanks Teresa!

  3. Maya January 19, 2009

    Thanks Teresa. Yes, the video does have layers of important meanings which is what makes it so beautiful.


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