Five-year-olds Reactions to an E-reader

With all this buzz about e-readers, it would be interesting to know what the generation that will grow up with these devices around them think about them. An article on TeleRead shares what happened when a teacher at an after-school program shares her Sony Reader with the kids.
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The other day, they were busy with their lego building and I thought I could finish off The Hound of the Baskervilles at last on my Sony Reader. I should know better than to try and use my own toys around inquisitive kids!

Their initial reactions to the Reader were quite favorable. I had a pretty cloth cover on mine, and it made the girls in the group especially interested. Kids this age do not have any preconceptions about gender and technology, thank goodness, and they’ll grow up knowing how to do these things. The girls were quite comfortable with the idea of a book reader once they figured it out, and the advantages of such a device (for example, being able to carry around more than one book) were readily apparent to them with no prompting from me. I got lots of wows and oohs over my pretty toy!

From a software standpoint, they were able with help to sort out the file system and use the categories to find the handful of kiddie titles I had on there. And they had no trouble at all figuring out the buttons and using them to choose a book and advance the screens as they explored. I think some of them were more interested in pressing the buttons than in doing actual reading, but of course depending on the age and reading level of the child, your mileage will vary on that one.

There are a few issues I would take away from this if I were buying a reader specifically to use with kids:

It’s not too hard for them to use. These kids had no trouble at all picking up the basics fairly easily. Of course, children this young would need an adult to obtain the content and load it onto the device for them, but the actual day to day operation was simple enough for even five year olds, and they would certainly be able to use the reader independently.

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