Environmentally-conscious comic

Have you met Luz? You haven’t? Who is Luz?

Luz is a 12-year-old latina girl who tends to be on the serious side and finds herself reflecting on life. She ponders the state of humanity and where we fit in Nature. She is curious, cares about people and animals, and tends to assume the best in everyone. But Luz knows a big change is coming as she hears on the news and sees in headlines that petroleum is becoming expensive and scarce, and the climate is noticeably getting more erratic. Although surprised that no one seems very concerned, she doesn’t wait for somebody else to take the lead.

Hence this introspective character tries to figure out what her community will need when energy runs out as city-wide blackouts get more frequent. With her handy notebook at the ready, Luz begins her list of skills to learn (like first aid, how to grow and preserve food, collect rainwater, make a woodstove from an oil drum…) and begins to gather vital knowledge out of love for her community and their future.”

Follow Luz as she figures out how to cook food without electricity, finds edible flowers, goes camping, learns about bio intensivefarming and much more. Read about Luz here.Image Source


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