‘Donate books, Receive Books’ Campaign

We received an email from the people at Karmayog about the “Donate books, Receive Books” campaign:

An all-India campaign to “Donate books, Receive Books” has been started by Karmayog to enable any person from across the country to connect with and donate books to any public library, school, college, hospital, NGO, Trust, etc.

The campaign’s aims are:

– establishing permanent, local linkages between people and organisations so that they can ‘Donate Books, Receive Books’ at any time in the future also

– making people realise that there are many people and organisations who can use and need the books, magazines, CDs, etc. that are lying unused in our homes and offices, or which we regularly sell off as raddi / waste paper

– Public libraries, reading rooms, old people’s homes, public hospitals…are some examples of places where magazines, light reading material, etc. is always needed

– Children’s homes, orphanges, schools and colleges are always in need of books for their libraries

– ensuring that each book donated is read by at least one more person, if not many more, before it may end up as waste

– Many NGOs have special requirements of books (e.g. for training purposes) which they find difficult to get – while there may be people who have such books to donate.

How does the ‘Donate Books, Receive Books’ initiative work?

A web-section has been developed on Karmayog with a compilation of Collection Centres and those who need books, so that any person can periodically check and donate books to the organisations listed at the locations listed.

Visit www.karmayog.org/donatebooks if you wish to donate books, act as a collection centre, or would like to receive books.

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  1. Search Engineer June 24, 2009

    you can donate books at http://www.donate-books.org/

  2. Ghasiram February 19, 2010

    we are a organisation needs your contribution. for other detail please visit padhaghara.hpage.com

  3. Anonymous December 23, 2015

    Hi guys, I found a Website where you can donate books and even find books which you need and its absolutely free of cost. Here is the link of website http://giftyourbooks.com/

  4. Stifan George December 16, 2016

    Hi, nice blog thanks for sharing. Donate book.

  5. anandhi March 28, 2017

    Book donation drives are beneficial to many students who can't afford to buy expensive textbooks and references. Such campaigns for old books donation in Bangalore will help towards setting up libraries where everyone can access them and this will help towards better education. Great work!

  6. SUSHEEL FOUNDATION March 21, 2018

    Hey all, Susheel Foundation is a Mumbai based charitable organisation committed to facilitate quality education for the underprivileged. Currently we are supporting a rural school in Churu Dist, Rajasthan which is from LKG to class 12th. We need good books to set up a library for them. Kindly help. Please call at 9820239306.


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