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India has one of the highest deaf populations in the world; four out of 1,000 children in India are born deaf. They are often excluded from mainstream education, employment and social life. They have great potential, particularly due their mobility and vision vis-à-vis other challenged community, for capacity building and productive engagement. There is a need for development of deaf community to make them self confident and economically empowered.

Can’t Stop Reading is a not-for-profit social venture. It’s a book reuse enterprise. We are dedicated to finding good use of the donated books. Every book donation we receive is sorted at our warehouse to find its best possible purpose. We circulate books among the booklovers through our library service, contribute to poor school going children or community based groups for community reading or dispose it off for fundraising for promoting social cause.

Our mission at Can’t Stop Reading is twofold.

Firstly, we aim at making good use of books that people no longer know what to do with or have a use for. We use donated books to circulate among booklovers as part our library service. Our library services enable book lovers conveniently access books across categories that cater to the professional and personal reading needs. We would ensure free delivery both to and from the door-step.

Secondly, we create opportunities for training, empowerment and placement of deaf community through our library service and other social projects. Our subscribers not only get good books to read but also get a chance to support the deaf community.

We have initiated a drive to collect 30000 books at the first phase before launching our library service by the Deaf Community in Mumbai. A donation of 1000 books will entitle you to become a Patron of Can’t Stop Reading Project. First hundred donors donating more than 100 books each will be honored as FRIEND of Can’t Stop Reading Project. Donor of every twenty books will get a privilege membership card with special benefits for the library service. Every donated book before putting for circulation will be stamped with “Book gifted by/in memory of…………..” in recognition of donation.

We are linking up with organizations working with Deaf Community for launching and managing this social venture by engaging deaf people.

Learn more about this project and how to donate books here. You can also visit their website for more information.


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