Dive into the Wallbook at HT’s No TV Day

Is it a book or a wall? It’s a Wallbook! A beautiful folding book by Christopher Lloyd – What on Earth? – is not only a wealth of tit-bits of information from across the eras but it also is a window for curious little minds to delve deeper into the history of the world.
The Writer’s Bug is partnering with HT’s No TV Day campaign to host a children’s program in which they can explore this book creatively and imaginatively. 
 Storyteller, Nilum Jijodia, gets on a time machine with a bunch of young, enthusiastic and inquisitive children to dive into the wallbook. The kids learn how to use this amazing book through fun-filled quizzes and games. 
Event : HT No TV Day
Date and Time: 31st May (Saturday), 12:30 to 1:30 pm
Venue: Kitab Khana, Fort
Find more details about the event.

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