Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories

Just like your child has a favourite toy he/she carries around everywhere he goes, you probably had one in your childhood too. Like Calvin has Hobbes? Yes! Did your mind take off on flights of fantasy and imagine what your stuffed toy was and attribute it with certain characteristics? Travel down memory lane with ‘Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories” : a tribute to the threadbare companions of childhood.

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DIRTY WOW WOW AND OTHER LOVE STORIES is a celebration of the lovey, binky, or blankie–known as the “transitional object” in psychoanalytic terms–that eased us through the uncertainties and loneliness of childhood. Bundles of comfort and security fashioned from fluff and fur, these treasured friends have a lifetime of stories sewn up in their tattered bodies: a trip to Paris smushed up in a suitcase, a new home behind the family liquor cabinet, an interminable wait in the lost-and-found bin. With stunning photographs that reveal the personalities within, DIRTY WOW WOW is at once humorous, wistful, and oddly comforting–like a shabby childhood favorite who’s tucked away but never forgotten.

dirtywowwow shares a few stories of these threadbare companions. Here is the story of Gonks:

It’s clear that Gonks has a big heart and he’s the kind of guy that stands out in a crowd. When he’s in the room his orange hair, big goofy grin, and lanky flowery limbs make it hard not to notice him. But that depends on which room he’s in. Gonks grew up in Julie’s room, which had, as the disco era dictated, pink and green flowered wallpaper. In such psychedelic surrounds Gonks was nothing more than a wallflower. With disco decorating safely past, Gonks has returned to his rightful place in the limelight.

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