Digital Diaries : How to Meet (or Move) Targets

Wow, it is already a week since we posted the first Digital Diaries update. With the launch of our digital platforms inching closer, we’ve been busier than usual. Purvi, Yamini and Payoshni spill the details …
Meet Karthik from our digital team, so full of optimism carrying cups full of tea in preparation for weekend testing for StoryWeaver, our open-source story publishing platform that is to launch soon.
But see what happened to him at the end of the two-day session? He’s tired (just a liiiitle) but he’s also got the satisfied glow of survival. 
Researched fact: It takes 6 cups of tea to keep Karthik alive for weekend marathon testing!”
When one sets out to tame a monster as big as converting print fonts to Unicode fonts in Indian Languages or creating epub versions of 800+ books, one carries a big board around ALL the time to set targets, constantly revisit, continuously re-align, re-set them again. Rinse and Repeat.
The digital team jokingly call this process literally ‘moving the targets around’.
No, the boss doesn’t approve 🙂
Yamini moving targets 🙂

Digital Diaries aims to document the ups and downs, the curves and bumps, the little mistakes and big learnings of Pratham Books’ exciting journey into the world of digital books, publishing platforms and a lot more.


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