Damroo : Workshop for Creating Content for Children

Via Damroo
Bridging the Worlds of the Marginalized and the Privileged
The rich and diverse visual cultures and the vibrant storytelling traditions of South Asia, make up the foundations for this workshop. The workshop brings together creative minds from near and distant lands to create relevant and imaginative content for children.
As the twentyfirst century unfolds into its second decade, the world appears as engulfed as before, by conflicts and violences and by the struggle for water, energy, food and other resources that appear scarce and limited in the face of insatiable human greed.
The meeting in November attempts to bring together practitioners of traditional arts as well as contemporary voices from South Asia to create
content that provokes thought as well as delights, entertains and enlightens the young and the very young.

Format for the Workshop

To initiate the journey, a suggested focus is “Bridging the Worlds of the Marginalized and the Privileged”.
One hopes that such bridges shall lead to harmonies greater than those we know so far.
It is well known however, that more than anything else, a creative mind longs for space and open-endedness.
It may well happen, that the November Workshop throws up directions that are altogether new.

Workshop Schedule
3 November ’10:

Arrival at IDC. Introductions
4 November ’10:
Discussion on possibilities, formation of groups
5, 6, November ’10:
Creation of Content by groups
7 November ’10:
Visit to Galleries / Theatre / Sightseeing trip
8, 9 November ’10:
Creation of Content by groups
10 November ’10:
Summarizing and Charting Out A Future Meet

You can view the list of participants here. Visit the website.
(Thanks for sending us this link Chintan!)

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