‘Daddy’s Mo’ and ‘Aunty Jui’s Baby’ comes to Bangalore!

You may recall that last month, Pratham Books launched two delightful children’s stories, ‘Babachya Mishya’ (Daddy’s Mo) and ‘Kakuche Bal’ (Aunty Jui’s Baby) in Pune with author Madhuri Purandare. Could Bangalore be behind? So, the Bangalore team also geared up for an equally exciting story telling session around these 2 books. 

The Bangalore session was held at Reliance Timeout, Mantri Square Mall. 

We had a great turnout of 20 children (and some parents sat in too!!!). While narrating “Aunt Jui’s baby”, Radhika (the storyteller) got the children involved and many tiny tots were brave enough to come and sing nursery rhymes for their younger siblings. Then came Daddy’s Mo’ and all the children were curious to know what the “Mo” meant. They soon  found out as they made beautiful masks with moustaches (Mos) of their choice! Thus, the hour long fun-filled session of stories, music and activities ended. 

You can read more details about the event as covered on Expressbuzz.com :
At Pratham Books we believe in spreading the joy of reading to every child. With over 50% of children going to government schools, its imperative that we publish joyful reading in different Indian languages. Books such as ‘Babachya Mishya’ (Daddy’s Mo) and ‘Kakuche Bal’ (Aunty Jui’s Baby) are a small step in this direction. Since original language writing is fast losing its touch, books such as these help retain the nuances of the language and at the same time encourage parents to read to their children in their mother tongue. Do consider reading this book to your child in Marathi, Hindi, Kannada or Telugu. And while you are at it, do donate the English version to a lesser- privileged child.
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