Cool-er e-reader than the Kindle?

Via Financial Times

A new e-reader entrant is pitching itself as cheaper, lighter and more open than Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s Reader, and with a larger selection of titles. The Cool-er is the brainchild of Neil Jones, an avid reader and entrepreneur, whose company is based, appropriately, in Reading, in the UK.

The Cool-er’s price of $249 in the US will undercut the Kindle by $110. At 5.65 ounces it is 40 per cent lighter than the Kindle and, having compared the two devices side-by-side, the Cool-er looks about half-an-inch shorter in length and width.

Coolerbooks will sell titles in the open EPub standard, compared to Amazon’s proprietary .azw format, with prices expected to be comparable.

There are eight different colours and eight different languages available for the device, giving the Cool-er more international appeal. The screen uses the same E Ink technology as the Kindle and looks slightly larger. There is a rechargeable, removable battery, a memory card slot and a gigabyte of onboard memory. A headphone socket allows music and audio books to be enjoyed, just like the Kindle.

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