Colouring Books for Adults

Who says that colouring books are only for children?

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Colouring books for adults have become popular in the last few years for their purported mental effects, helping people to reduce stress and relax. If you are up for giving it a try, we recommend the World Mandalas: 100 New Designs for Coloring and Meditation. The book includes designs based on religious and tribal mandala. Filling in these designs with colours has a strange calming effect, and it seems that once you’ve finished, you could probably analyse your mental state by the colour combinations that you have chosen.

Graphic designer, Mimiko Akiyama, has created a Song Colouring Book especially for the elderly (and we are can’t wait for the English release.) The book features illustrations based on old nursery rhymes and popular songs. Filling in the colours, thus moving your hands, and singing the illustrated songs are ways for the elderly to stimulate their minds.

Finally, we have a delicacy for you, Colouring-Origami (we also showed you before) by Japanese design group “Onchu!” is compiling various creators: The marvellous book features unique illustrations of butterflies, insects, and more. Actually, the pages are origami paper, so after colouring in, they can be removed from the book and folded into 3D shapes for further decorating.

Read the entire article to learn about the pages that can be painted and then used as postcards, drawing anatomy, electronic colouring books, colouring your favourite manga and more.

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  1. Sang April 18, 2009

    Thanks for nice colouring books

  2. Atmara July 25, 2010

    Love the mandala coloring book. I'll have to mention it to my fans on my Facebook mandala page. Thanks.


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