City of Pieces – An Urban Festival of Creative Practices

Via maraa

maraa is happy to invite the city of Bangalore to City of Pieces: an urban festival of creative practices as part of the annual October Jam. City of pieces is a nine day festival that interrogates the violence of the everyday transformation of the city from the perspective of creative practice. It travels across different public and semi-public spaces, committed to reclaim dead, found and empty spaces in the city. City of pieces brings artists and creative practitioners to respond to the city we inhabit.

Some of the events that may be of interest to our readers include:

1. City Writes | Writing workshop
     22nd October | Saturday | Page Turners | 2-5pm
As urban reality changes in cities of the world, people bring to the urban milieu a new set of meanings related to immigration, social-assimilation, politics, poverty, education and culture. Is it possible to share lived experiences, realities and transitions through writing – stories, poetry, fiction and non-fiction?
Rheea Mukherjee, fiction writer and Co-Founder of Urban Confustions, a literary magazine, invites you to a writing workshop that will allow you to spill that traffic induced tension into words. Come explore your thoughts with writing exercises, mutual storytelling and discussions on gender, migration and class in relation to Bangalore. The workshop will culminate in a short creative writing piece and participants will be encouraged to come up with a long term writing project that may result in a city anthology. Professional writers, amateur writers, closet writers, and writers who have not yet written are all welcome.
To register mail [email protected] or call 95353-16411 before 20th October
2.  City of Words | Poetry
     25th Oct | Tue | PageTurners | 5.30 – 7.30 pm
While poets might have been less successful at playing the part of the unacknowledged legislators of the world, we would like to believe that they have had partial success as the clandestine architects of cities. But lets not mistake clandestine for unreal, because even though the poet’s cities are built in the realm of imagination and language, which real city would be worth living in if it weren’t supported by a vision of what it means to live together.
We invite you to come with poems and passages, your own or borrowed, that speak of the city that you would like to create. The poetry reading session will be followed by a creative exercise where selected words and sentences from the material you brought will be used as building blocks for our own city of words.
To register mail [email protected] or call 81056-75350 before 23rd October
3. Lost Loves: An Exploration of Rama’s Anguish | Talk
    28 Oct | Fri | Alternative Law Forum, Infantry Road | 6 pm
We invite you to a talk by Arshia Sattar about her book Lost Loves. Lost Loves returns us to an older and yet more relevant than ever tradition of the story of the Ramayana as a story of trial and tribulation, of the subtlety of right and wrong, and of love and loss. The book explores the Ramayana as a ‘portrait of consciousness hidden from itself’. In her introduction to Lost Loves, Arshia Sattar reflects on the recent career of the Ramayana, a text which has largely been associated with its political appropriation towards the cause of aggressive religious nationalism. The talk will be followed by a discussion.
Please mail [email protected] or call 98807-55875 for further clarifications
You can see the entire schedule here.

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