Chhuk Chhuk Chaak… Comes the Train

At Pratham Books, we get to hear several stories of what happened when people decided to use oone of our books. This story (by Krystal) was unusual. Why? Because the whole story is in rhyme 🙂

The Bard is back to tell a tale;
That starts and ends with a long, long ‘rail’

To set the context before she starts,
Let her explain these few brief parts:

For KathaVana great prep was done,
A lot you can imagine was on the run!

For one of the sessions, the Bard did choose;
a book about a girl who wanted to draw ‘choo-choos’!

A book so simply done by Pratham (publishers);
Our rating for it is definitely a raised thumb!

Head over to the Bookworm Goa blog to find out what happens.

Image Courtesy : Niju Mohan for Bookworm Goa

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