Celebrating International Literacy Day with 2500+ Storytellers and 2300+ Sessions

A few months ago we had an internal discussion on the book we wanted to choose for this year’s ‘One Day-One Story‘ event. There was a unanimous vote for one of our new books – The Boy and the Drum. This was the first play we had done – a story book and play rolled into one! The possibilities to use this book, interpret it and remix it seemed endless. Also, maybe many people would get kids to enact the play too – thus making kids champions too. And that is exactly what happened!
As soon as we put out our call for champions, people signed up to receive the book and started preparing. Stories started pouring in – someone wanted to do a Skype session, another organization was ready to take the book to 163 villages, people were preparing skits, translating the books, creating props, singing songs and more. Like always – there was an abundance of joy and an awesome community coming together to spread the joy of reading.

In the 4th edition, the ‘One Day-One Story’ campaign will see :
Sessions in 24 Languages
2300+ Storytelling Sessions
2500+ Champions
Thousands of children listening to ‘The Boy and the Drum’
This year’s chosen book is The Boy and the Drum (written by Umesh P N and illustrated by Rajiv Eipe. Written by an experienced teacher of theatre, it is an introduction to a new way of ‘reading’ a book. A folktale about giving and kindness transforms into a lively play! 
If you’ve just found out about our International Day celebrations, fret not! To conduct your own storytelling session, please register, download the book and share it with a child/children. A big shout out to :
Apart from the champions in India, we also have champions joining us from Nepal, Pakistan, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya and Malawi. 
If you want to attend a session, we as well as some of our champions are conducting events that are open to the public. Check the full list at : http://blog.prathambooks.org/2015/09/the-boy-and-drum-public-events-you-can.html
If you are sharing pictures/news about your event, please use the hashtag #PBChamps on Facebook and Twitter so that we and other champions can also follow your updates. You can tweet us at @prathambooks and find us on Facebook at : www.facebook.com/prathambooks.
Join Pratham Books and 2500+ storytellers in sharing the joy of stories.
About the campaign : 
At Pratham Books we have a dream, to see “A book in every child’s hand”. We understand that to reach the 200 million + children in India is going to take a while. In the meantime, we decided to take ‘One Day, One Story’ campaign to as many children possible on a single day throughout the country.
This initiative is part of the Pratham Books’ Champions program where we encourage our community of volunteers to conduct reading sessions. These sessions are conducted free of cost and mostly with children from under-served communities. The Pratham Books’ Champions program is a one-of its kind volunteer program that has scaled to a national level with more and more volunteers wanting to join us in this movement.

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