Call for Online Curators for CBSE Syllabus

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Location: Bangalore

Google is looking to hire technology savvy teachers familiar with CBSE syllabus for a year-long assignment. Selected teachers will be part of a pioneering initiative to make Online Education Resources (OERs)
useful to Indian students and teachers. OERs like Khan Academy, IIT’s NPTEL and MIT’s Open Courseware have made high quality educational resources accessible to millions of teachers and learners. Khan Academy’s educational channel has 225 million views on YouTube, while NPTEL’s channel has 82 million views and MIT’s OCW has 46 million views. Educationists across the world consider OERs to be one of the biggest revolutions in the field of education in recent times.

Applicants should be familiar with CBSE syllabus (preferably higher standards) and must have taught it in a classroom setting for at last two years. They must also be technology savvy and be familiar with using computers, search engines, social media and YouTube.

Responsibilities will include:

1) Identifying concepts from the CBSE syllabus
2) Mapping the concepts identified to YouTube videos created by partners
3) Create assessments and questionnaires for student evaluation
4) Identify gaps in educational content on YouTube and work with YouTube partners to fill these gaps

Good communication skills, an aptitude for teamwork and ability to work in a collaborative environment are a must for this role.

To apply, e-mail your resume to [email protected]


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