Call for Applications : Maverick Teachers Global Summit

Agastya International Foundation in partnership with Synopsys presents the MAVERICK TEACHERS
GLOBAL SUMMIT 2016 : ‘Education for a sustainable world – Pedagogies for the future’. If you are a teacher (or know a teacher) who is eligible to participate, register (or nominate) for it. 
About the Summit : 

The summit brings together 35 specially invited Maverick School Teachers from around the world. These teachers will spend 6 days to explore and create pedagogies for the future to support education for a sustainable world. The Summit will be guided by about 30 global thought leaders, policy makers, and expert practitioners from the field of education.
Through a process of ‘Collaborative Mavericking’ the gathering will seek to leverage its creativity and diversity to find a common ground. Our collective insights will culminate in examining pedagogy prototypes that stand to benefit teachers and children across the globe.
Who is a ‘Maverick Teacher’:
“Maverick Teacher as someone who applies a balance of creativity, innovation, empathy and science to the art of teaching to support students and their learning. They think carefully about the students being taught, and the learning intended before designing teaching-learning strategies. They do not deter from reworking, re-organizing or re-arranging subject matter to make it more accessible and meaningful to students. A Maverick Teacher is someone who delights in the success of their students, and encourages student agency in assessment for learning, and the student’s independence as a learner.”
More details about the Summit can be found here.

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