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Did any of you try your hand at sorting out your books like we mentioned in this post? I glanced at my bookshelf yesterday and found two books placed together and they said “A Monk Swimming–Chasing the Monsoon”. An installation artist from San Francisco decided to sort out the books in a bookstore on the basis of colour.
Via KQED :

Installation artist Chris Cobb‘s “There Is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World” involved reclassifying the books at the Mission District’s Adobe Books — by color. Cobb, along with nearly 20 assistants, spent an entire night arranging all of the neighborhood bookstore-and-sometime-gallery’s estimated 20,000 books to create a continuous spectrum, covering the whole shop.

Adobe Books employee Shi Ananda, who assisted in reshelving the books when the installation ended, noted that blue-colored books sold the most, brown books were most often stolen and red books tended to remain on the shelves. There were more white books in the store than any other color, whereas very few books were colored yellow.

View the results of this project here.

Another nice way to decorate your bookshelf would be with these animal index cards designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa.


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