An Online Pop-up Book

Via Samuel Bennett’s blog :

Eco Zoo is half pop-up book, half exploratory virtual space. It’s fantastic.

From what I can tell it’s been put together by McCann Erickson Japan and a creative firm called Enjin. Nice work. I’d like the better understand the objective, but very nice work.

And while you are the site, don’t shy away from exploring the site. It is more than just a “click to see the next page” site. Drag your mouse up and it will take up up the tree trunk. Drag it to the right and it will show you what is behind the character you are viewing. Want to bird’s eye view Mrs. Angkor “Watt”, the angler fish? Turn the page upside down and take a look at Mrs. Roo’s (the kangaroo) enemy. Go meet Yagi-chan (the goat), Mr. Kappa (a mythological creature) and Mr Bag, Bagworm too. Tell us who your favourite is. My vote goes to Yagi-chan, the goat.
Visit www.ecodazoo.com to learn about the lives of these creatures.


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