Books for Every Reader : Early or Independent!

Whether your child is taking first steps into the joyful world of reading or making big leaps of progress through her reading list, we have books for every reader.
Our ‘Early Reader’ packs cater to children who are just beginning or learning to read or love to be read aloud to. The books in these packs are of Levels 1 & 2 and include some of our newly released titles like ‘Anaya’s Thumb’, ‘My Fish,no My Fish’ and ‘Scarecrows on Parade’.
Our ‘Independent Reader’ packs have books from Level 3 & 4 and are for children who can read independently and proficiently. Titles like ‘The Freedom Run’ and ‘Handmade in India’ are a part of these packs.
Our ‘Library Pack’ is perfect if you are looking for books across all levels, maybe to start your own library or contribute to one. It contains titles across Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and has a selection of our much loved classics and new releases.
All the packs come at a special discounted price and are available in English and Hindi. 
Click here to buy the ‘Early Reader’, ‘Independent Reader’ or ‘Library Packs’ now.

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