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Found two hotels which are spreading some book love with their guests. The first one is The Heathman Hotel in Portland and the second one is The Library in Thailand.

The Heathman Hotel offers a “Books By Your Bedside” package. Home to one of the country’s few catalogued hotel guest-lending libraries, this package includes accommodations for two, a tour of the hotel’s library, a hardcover edition of a book written by the hotel’s most recent guest author and other goodies.

Authors Anthony Bourdain and David Sedaris both made appearances at the hotel within the past two months. Thomas L. Friedman, a popular environmental writer, as well as Annie Leibowitz, the famed celebrity photographer, were at The Heathman back in April. Michael Pollan graced Portland with his politically-correct presence in January, along with Calvin Trillin.

Via The Library

It started from an idea of the Project Designer who love to see things close to herself rather than look further to nowhere. She saw one activity every where she went especially on the beach, reading. Travelers can spend hours and hours reading on the beach, by the Pool, at the Restaurant. She thinks to complete one good vacation, what else do you expect, apart from a nice room, delicious meals with good ambience? One good book, memorable movies and music in style – these will help you enjoy and complete one good vacation with your loved ones or friends.The unit of library by the beach serving as the biggest library for beach resorts. The theme building of The Library is of course, the library unit, and we called it ‘The LiB’ …

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