Bookalore: A travelling book carnival for kids

Lakshmi Datta Arun writes about Bangalore’s newest book club.

… we take a look at the recently launched kids book club – Bookalore – an independent forum that strives to introduce contemporary Indian books and Indian authors to children and young adults through fun-packed monthly events and workshops. 
Based out of Bangalore, Bookalore was conceived when a group of children’s writers, illustrators, editors, librarians, teachers and filmmakers questioned the reason Indian children stuck with reading the usual bestselling books when there is a world of fantastic Indian books to be explored. This enterprising group then came together to fill a huge lacuna in the way children’s books are displayed, sold and marketed in India by making them more visible to their young readers and their parents. Within a short period of three months, Bookalore has already received a tremendous response from parents with many signing up for events much in advance. 
Initially, Bookalore plans to be similar to a travelling book carnival, which will take its activities and events to every corner of Bangalore. The aim will be to reach a large number of children across the city by hosting events in different kinds of public and private spaces such as libraries, schools, bookshops, art galleries, museums and theatres. Also every Bookalore event will also have stalls selling children’s books from Indian publishers such as Tulika, Pratham books etc. These books are not easily available and Booklore aims to make them available and accessible to little readers.

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