Book Review : Yakity Yak

Earlier this month, we were giving out review copies of few of our books. We were excited to hear what all of you thought of our books (the good things and the bad things!) and hope that this feedback from people (educators, parents, book lovers, children) will help us create better books and help you choose books for your own kids.

This book review comes from Bramara Nagraj who received our book ‘Yakity Yak’.

Author benita Sen has worked with the Children’s magazine and she likes to write for children.

The intended audience for the book Yakity Yak is chidren of the age group 7-10 years.

The story is about a Young Yak who is very talkative and the problems he faces because of his talkativeness and how he overcomes his problem with his talkativeness. The story tells about the problem one faces if he is very talkative,in other ways it also tells how talkativeness helps to reach the destination.

I liked the story because of its simplicity, this attracts kids to read.The language of the story is simple and easily understandable.My 7 yr old daughter enjoyed reading and she finished it in one sitting.

The story begins with simple concept that happens in most of the house.In every house as soon as a baby is born,every one think which name suits well for the kid,people keep on discussing about the name
till they finalize with one name.The same thing happens in story, Children who read the story asks their parents why did you choose this name for me? They will get to know one more story ,an interesting story behind their name?

The second thing in the story is about Young Yak’s talkativeness.It makes us think being talkative is good or bad, and the story concludes by telling being talkative is both good and bad. Story considers cloud, wind, flower, leaves, grass, stone, sun, birds as friends. I liked the author’s way of telling kids to love nature and how the nature love them too by giving back. I liked the name of the young yak “yakity” and the significance of the name.The book holds the reader till she finish reading.

The illustrations are good. In some pages pictures of flowers are not good,they appear just like coloured circle. In page 8 mother yak’s color is different from other pages. Instead of putting glass to father yak,if it was put grand father yak, it would have been easier for the readers to identify who is father and who is grand father. Till the last page we can’t able to know who is father and who is grand father by looking at the picture. The pictures are quite confusing.The colours used are very pleasing.

The price of the book is reasonable and the book is worth reading. I recommend this book as worth reading for kids of 7 and 8yrs.


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