Book Review : Sister Sister, Why is the sky so blue?

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Title: Sister Sister, Why is the sky so blue?
We read one of the Sister Sister series(subtitled – Fun Conversations about Everyday Science) from Pratham Books. I must say I am floored! Simply in awe. How I wish the text books for first and second grades would be anything close to this.

The little brother’s imagination goes wild and he comes up with the cutest possibilities, like the sea must be upside down with a plastic sheet wrapped under it to contain the water. And maybe when the sheet tares a bit, it rains. I was smiling, but my 5 year old did not think it was funny and asked why it cannot be so? Is this really OR is it pretend? She had a hearty laugh when we came to the part where it might even be the old woman drying her long blue saree. The other thing I loved about the book is how the sister encourages the brother to think, accepts his answers with a “maybe, you are right. But in the books I read it says this..”.

My kids were so excited that the father had hardly stepped into the house, and was bombarded with – do you know why the sky is blue? This is the kind of curiosity we want to evoke in kids, especially at that tender age where anything and everything gets absorbed like sponge. Learning which is fun and filled with laughter and imagination will stay forever. I hope Pratham Books comes up with more of these kinds.

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