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Our friend Chintan Girish Modi wrote a review of the book ???? ??? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ?? ????? (translated as Shall I Give You a Good Book? A Book for Amateur Book Activists) which he discovered on a trip to Varanasi.

They have put together an excellent resource for people who want to start community libraries in villages and small towns, or hold book exhibitions to create awareness about the vast amount of reading material that is available, or even run small bookshops.

Following that blog post, someone forwarded the mail to one of the authors T..Vijayendra. He got in touch with Chintan and informed him that a few people have actually started libraries and bookshops after reading the book. He also has a few copies of the book left and if someone wants the book, they can contact him (details here).

We asked Mr.Vijayendra if we could scan the book and share it with our readers. We were happy to learn that the book is under a copy left license. Mr.Vijayendra also said that they would be happy if some one took their work futher and people are also welcome to translate to book.

Suresh Kosaraju from Manchi Pustakam sent the book to our office and after that we got the book scanned to share with all of you. Our friends at Litent helped us with the scanning of this book (pssst: if you want to convert any files, data, books, archived materials into eFormats, try them out!).

And here’s the book Chintan introduced all of us to…

Shall I Give You a Good Book?


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