A “BIG UNIVERSE” of Children’s Books

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BigUniverse.com is an online collection of illustrated children’s books, featuring electronic editions of commercially published stories, as well as user-submitted content. The books are searchable and are also organized according to subject matter, language, and age group. Subjects include everything a young mind could imagine, from fairy tales to study aids. You can read books created by other users for free, as well as selections from published books. However, if you want to read any of the published books from start to finish, you’ll have to purchase a membership, which is reasonably priced (and even more reasonably priced for schools and libraries). Becoming a member also helps you connect with other members, allowing you to share books and receive recommendations, which you can then store on your own virtual bookshelf.

The creators of BigUniverse.com intend “to use children’s books online as a way to connect the next generation — our children — and help them look past the differences between our various cultures and instead focus on our similarities, so we can come together to explore our big universe.”

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