Big Discounts on Used Books at FriendsofBooks

Would you believe it if we told you that you can get discounts of over 65% on most books? Sounds crazy?
You don’t HAVE to believe us… just go to the Used Books section on the FriendsOfBooks Bookstore and find out for yourself.
You can now get bestsellers, classics, fiction and non-fiction books at “Are you Kidding!?” prices in our used books section.
These books are usually library and bookstore overstock. These is NOT your rediwala/raddiwala/kabadi bazaar stuff and are not pirated books.
Sorry there will be no free silverfish, musty smell, mysterious stains or missing pages. Nor will you have the pleasure of pounding the pavement ,drenched in sweat and haggling with the wanton bhaiya.
Instead we will give you the promised “Are you Kidding” prices, free home delivery and the joy of browsing the collection from the comfort of your favorite chair/bed/sofa/orsomesuch.
So, leave the bargaining for bhajiwalas. To buy books at “Are you kidding” prices, visit the Used books section on FriendsOfBooks.com

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