The Bibliomulas of Venezuela

Ever had a noble mission but found that sometimes the people you want to help live in places too remote for you to effectively reach? Well, the students at a university in Venezuela know what that feels like, but they didn’t let it stop them! When they found that children living in remote villages would hardly have any material to read, they started this ingenious venture to help them out – Project Bibliomula. Using mules as mobile libraries, they take the joy of reading to kids in places that are otherwise totally disconnected from the world. As the following report by the BBC clearly shows, this venture was a phenomenal success.

Via The BBC

Anyone who was not out working the fields – tending the celery that is the main crop here – was waiting for our arrival. The 23 children at the little school were very excited.
“Bibilomu-u-u-u-las,” they shouted as the bags of books were unstrapped. They dived in eagerly, keen to grab the best titles and within minutes were being read to by Christina and Juana, two of the project leaders.
“Spreading the joy of reading is our main aim,” Christina Vieras told me.
“But it’s more than that. We’re helping educate people about other important things like the environment. All the children are planting trees. Anything to improve the quality of life and connect these communities.”

You can read the complete article here:

This is their official blog:
(The blog is completely in Spanish, but if you open it with the Chrome browser, it does a pretty good job of translating the whole thing!)


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