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In keeping with our mission of putting a book in every child’s hand, Pratham Books is inviting applications for a STEM Library Grant. With an aim to ignite curiosity in children, we want to give away 100 STEM Library Kits comprising of books that explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects and emotional intelligence.


Sometimes, Maths and Science can be daunting for children. However, when concepts are presented in a fun and engaging manner children find it easier to grasp and retain them. There is a dearth of simple, informative books for young readers and access to these books will help children in their learning journey. Pratham Books has developed a special set of books that will enrich the child’s current curriculum and be a useful classroom aid for the teachers.

The books cover a diverse range of topics- from estimation of distances in How Far is Far, to a future world with robots- Bonda and Devi; from exploring the Fibonacci series in The Fascinating Fibonaccis to simple math calculations in Dum Dum-a-Dum Biryani. Children can easily grasp the concepts of saving, earning, budgeting, banks etc with our books on Financial Literacy.
Books with environmental themes also form a part of this kit- Jadav and the Tree Place transports readers into the life the Forest Man of India, Jadav Payeng and Up World, Down World is a story on the biodiversity of canopy forests. Dive! is a beautifully illustrated book that takes the reader on an underwater journey and our books on the seasons of India- Autumn, Monsoon, Spring, Summer and Winter will help children understand the specialty of each of these seasons. Books that focus on developing emotional intelligence among children are also present. A Helping Hand is based on the idea of inclusivity and accepting differences while Reethi and Mithu focusses on freedom.

These books will evoke curiosity in children and encourage them to discover and ask questions about the world around them.

What is a STEM Library Kit?
The kit is a wall-mounted modular library unit that can be put up in any classroom or library. It consists of 125 books, primarily in STEM subjects. Hindi or English books will be given away on the basis of medium of instruction in the classroom/learning center.

If you wish to apply for this grant, kindly go through the Application Guidelines listed below and if you fulfill the criteria, do fill out the Application Form.

Guidelines for STEM Library Kit Application :

  • The Applicant should be a Non Profit Organization registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 or Section 25 of Companies Act of 1956 or any other legal entity under regulations of Government of India OR a Government or Low budget Private School.
  • The Applicant should be working with children from low income communities. 
  • The Applicant should have a functioning reading program/ active library for children with fixed reading hours outside curriculum. This reading program must give children access and opportunities to read book, which are not a part of the set curriculum and are read for the pleasure of reading. 
  • The Applicant should be working with children from Grades 4 to 8. 
  • The reading program that the applicant runs should impact at least 150-200 children of the community.
  • The applicant would be required to sign a Memorandum-Of-Understanding with Pratham Books and give regular updates and feedback on the outcomes of the library received. The organisation would have to share two structured reports before March 2017. (a set format will be shared by Pratham Books)
  • The applicant should be open to collaborating with Pratham Books on a programmatic intervention as per need, requirement and interest. This could be any or all of these – digital intervention, volunteering opportunities, storytelling sessions, research related programs, marketing campaigns, opportunities for interaction with children.
  • Only online applications sent through THIS link will be eligible for the grant. E-mail or printed applications will not be accepted.
  • Preference would be given to organisations who have never received a grant from Pratham Books before.
  • The STEM Library kit from Pratham Books is available as single language kits with books in the following languages only : English and Hindi. The kits will be granted in the same language as the medium of instruction in the classroom or learning center.

Last day of application: September 5th
Applying for the grant- Please click on THIS link to apply for the library grant.

Points to be noted

  • A duly filled form is imperative for us to consider your application, so please don’t miss any columns while filling in your application.
  • Only applications received via THIS Google Form link will be considered. Applications sent via email or post will not be eligible for the grant.
  • Decision of Pratham Books will be final while selecting the final list of beneficiaries for the grant. 
  • Pratham Books is not obliged to disclose the cause of acceptance or rejection of any application.

As the applications start pouring in, we promise to read and consider every application we receive. We are also looking for new partners in this journey, so organisations who have not yet benefited from any grant from Pratham Books before will get first preference.

Please write to us at [email protected] if you have any further questions or comments.

This grant has been supported by Oracle.


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