Digital Diaries : What We Say and What We Mean

Purvi Shah sends us news for this week’s edition of Digital Diaries (with a little help from Yamini) …

With StoryWeaver’s launch just around the corner, our team’s collective voice has gotten louder (it’s the excitement, you see) and we often catch our colleagues look at us with a mixture of amusement and confusion. Catch a bit of what has been overheard in the Pratham Books office. 
What we say: “I could publish a child without the root!”
What we mean: For StoryWeaver, we have something in the back-end that allows Pratham Books to bulk upload (many files at once) its content. One windy afternoon, we heard one of the team members yell “I could publish a child without the root!” What this euphoric yell meant was that we could publish a translation of a story even while the original story was under editing! Too complex? Just wait for the StoryWeaver launch – just a few weeks away!
What we say: “What is the expected behaviour?”
What we mean: How the system should behave, as opposed to how the system is behaving. And how do we fix the delta. Too complex? Just wait for the StoryWeaver launch – we’re nearly there!
What we say: “Let’s just get this baby out!”
What we mean: We’ll worry about the minor problems later but for now let’s just aim at launching the platform. And one we just did. Haven’t looked at our newest baby? Look. Smile. Cuddle. Okay no cuddles but surely you will feel your heart warmer once you engage here: – www.donate-a-book.org.in
The other baby – StoryWeaver – is going to arrive very soon. Wish us luck.
What we say: Ramu – the pdf gulper!
What we mean: Ramu, our newest intern is officially the world’s greatest pdf gulper. He has been helping us out with tons of different jobs, one of them being creating pdfs of all our 2000 books to help proofreading for StoryWeaver. And while we continue to ask him if he could make 300 pdfs (within a day), he remains unfazed. Within a few hours, we see that he’s completed his task and ready to gulp 300 more!

All this and more action once StoryWeaver launches – just a few weeks away! Watch this space for more details.
Digital Diaries aims to document the ups and downs, the curves and bumps, the little mistakes and big learnings of Pratham Books’ exciting journey into the world of digital books, publishing platforms and a lot more.

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