Warner Music Calling People Pirates (Including Themselves)

First, there was news of Warner Music calling Lessig a pirate. Now, they are calling themselves pirates too.

Via boingboing

… Larry Lessig tweeted that Warner Music had sent a takedown notice to YouTube over one of his presentations, claiming that it infringed their copyright. Lessig, of course, is one of the nation’s leading legal scholars, particularly when it comes to fair use and electronic media. His presentations are filled with examples of companies like Warner sending bogus takedowns over fair-use inclusion of their copyrights in YouTube videos. And there’s a burgeoning body of law that affords stiff penalties to companies that send these bogus takedowns.

Lessig writes on his blog

Apparently, YouTube’s content-ID algorithm had found music in the video that they claimed ownership to.

UPDATE: Apparently the protest filed by the uploader to the block was successful. This was the segment that was blocked. We’ll see if it sticks.

UPDATE II: I now have received the text of the block on YouTube. It said: “Your video, Part 2: Lawrence Lessig – Getting a Network the World Needs at OFC/NFOEC 2009, may have audio content from Mahna Mahna by The Muppets featuring Mahna Mahna & The Two Snowths that is owned or licensed by WMG.”

Now, on to the case of Warner Music calling themselves pirates…

Via boingboing

Over on the Sire Records web site, they have a big page full of music videos from all their artists… Except that if you actually click on any of them to play, they’ve *all* been taken down for copyright infringment… by Warner Music Group, Sire’s parent company.

Coincidentally(?), if you go to Warner Music Group’s YouTube channel, the first many pages of comments are just angry users lashing out about deleted videos. You’d think Warner’d be more receptive to people sharing and spreading advertisements for their artists. But they’re in such a panic about infringment they’ve gone so far as to ban even the official videos. Amazing.


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