Vodafone Crossword Book Award

Tra la la la….Six of our books have been listed for this year’s Vodafone Crossword Book Award 2009 for Children. The Vodafone Crossword Book Award recognises and rewards the best of Indian writing and ensures that works of merit reach a wider audience.
Our books that made it to this list are as follows:

1. Samira’s Awful Lunch (author : Bharati Jagannathan, illustrator : Preeti Krishnamurthy):
Samira doesn’t like the lunch her mother has packed in her tiffin box. All her animal friends feel bad for her and offer her their lunch ! Read all about Samira’s lunch time adventure

2. Grandfather Goes On Strike (author : K. S. Nagarajan, illustrator : Neeta Gangopadhya):
Most Grandfathers are content to lie back in an armchair and lazily read the day’s newspaper. Not our tree loving senior citizen. He goes on strike for his beloved trees and a series of hilarious events liven up this entertaining tale. Read it to find out who saves the day and who saves the trees!

3. Phani’s Funny Chappals (author : Sridala Swami, illustrator : Sanjay Sarkar):
Ready this funny story about Phani’s Funny Chappals!

4. Asian Splendour (author : Hema Pande, illustrator : Dipto Narayan Chatterjee):
From the high, grassy plains of Tibet to the blue depths of the Filipino seas, folktales from Asia span geographical and cultural diversity. Each tale carries an authentic whiff of its land and yet effectively showcases the universality of human emotions. This is a rich and moveable feast for our advanced readers.

5. Cauvery (author : Oriole Henry, photographs: Clare Arni)
Take a journey down the river Cauvery, from high up in the mountains where it is born, down past islands covered with birds. The river twists and turns around where battles were fought and spooky curses cast. Discover thundering waterfalls, scary boat rides and much, much more about this magnificent river.

6. Yakity Yak (author : Benita Sen, illustrations : Baaraan Ijlal):
What do you call a Yak who talks too much? Yakity Yak of course! Read this charming tale about Yakity and his friends.

View the entire list to see the other books that have been listed. You can visit our website to purchase our books. The websites of the other publishers are : Katha, Scholastic India, Penguin Books India, Hachette India, Tulika Publishers, Young Zubaan, Random House, Om Books, DC Books and Karadi Tales.



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