Using Lego to Build a Better Society

Found an interesting set of images that call for action and dialogue through the following article in PSFK.


A collective of social entrepreneurs, activists, policy-makers and social thinkers convened at RebootBritain on July 6th to discuss the challenges and opportunities currently facing the country. Organized by the UK-based National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), the public event included an activity in which participants were challenged with developing their own idea of what would help to reboot Britain using LEGO bricks.

Based on the notion that building with the hands inspires different ways of thinking, the exercise generated a collection of playful, yet significant images to inspire dialogue and action, arguably applicable to more than just Britain.

Some of the other images that we liked were…

See the entire Flickr set here. Don’t miss the guest contribution by a 5 year old.

Image Source: d.gauntlett


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