Type Book with No Typesetting

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But I recently unearthed a 1927 edition of Studio Handbook Letter & Design for Artists and Advertisers by Samuel Welo, and I simply had to share it with you.

On its own, this 5-inch x 8-inch, 232-page handbook would be a terrific resource for designers wanting a basic education in letter design and advertising layout techniques. But the book goes well beyond that because it is, from cover to cover, entirely hand-lettered by the author. There is not a single use of machine or even hand-set type, rules, or photographs. Every page number, line of text, ad layout, border, rule, and dingbat is hand-drawn. It is a wonderful homage to the craft of hand lettering, and when you browse through the hundreds of pages, you can’t help but wonder how long it took him.

See more images here and here.

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