Culturally Teaching: Exploring Education and Culture

If people across the world are different, doesn’t that mean that their schools could be different too? That the way they teach could differ? Culturally Teaching was started with the aim to ‘explore education and culture around the world’.
The topics that the blog covers are:
  • School Culture: Discover what schools around the world are like.
  • Reflections: Read personal stories from teachers around the world.
  • Go to Culture School:Explore how culture influences you in and out of the classroom. Learn how improve your intercultural interactions.
  • Resources & Activities :Find stuff you can use with your students.
  • Photos & Video
Read about what the closing or opening of a door has to do with culture in a classroom. Or why the checkmark had a different meaning for an American student and a German teacher.

Check out their blog for more insights, to learn about different classrooms as well as contribute what you know about your classroom.

Image Source: Pratham Books (Photography by Ryan Lobo)



  1. Cate April 13, 2009

    Thanks for writing about CulturallyTeaching! I love the photo of the two kids you used in this post. I’m enjoying reading through your blog and will subscribe to your RSS.

    And thanks for the tip on the School Chale Hum video – I loved it so much I blogged about it this morning! http://bit.ly/J3svI

  2. Maya April 13, 2009

    Thanks Cate! Looking forward to more posts at Culturally Teaching 🙂


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