Two Fun Contests by Anorak Magazine and Tulika Books

It is no secret that we love Anorak Magazine. Over the last year, they ahve been frequently sending us copies of their awesome magazine to share with the libraries that our friends at Akshara Foundation manage.

Anorak is holding a competition where Anorak (the little blue fellow in the image) is looking for something. Read on to find out more…

Via Anorak

Our blue fellow, Anorak, has a little problem: he has some friends but not a best best happy pal.
Could you help him find one? Please?

We think you can. So we are launching a worldwide competition to find Anorak a HAPPY PAL!

This happy pal can be a real best friend you are happy to share with Anorak or an imaginary one. You could even nominate yourself! You can draw your happy pal, or take pictures of him, or even make him somehow! It is entirely up to you who this best pal is, what he looks like, what he likes and why he would make a best pal for Anorak. He can be a boy, a girl, a monster, a dog, a fruit, anything!

Who can take part?
Anyone. Literally anyone and everyone: professional doodlers, writers, kids, dogs, schools and even teachers!

How can I take part?
You can download our happy pal form from here. Fill it in, send it back to us via email at winstuff (at) anorak-magazine.co.uk or by post at Anorak Happy Pal, Unit 110, Netil House, Westgate Street, London E83RL. We need to receive your happy pal before 30th August 2010.

What do I win?
This is when it gets even more brilliant.
The winning happy pal will feature in a story with Anorak in our friendship issue, coming out this Autumn.
Only one happy pal will be picked for our story but we have tons of goodies to share amongst two winners: one for Little Anoraks (age 12 and under) and one for Big Anoraks (age 13 and over). All happy pals will be featured in a gallery on Anorak’s Flickr page.

Find more information here.


The other fun contest is the one from Tulika Books. Its their 5th blogathon…and this time they are asking you to make your own scrapbook.

Via Tulika Books

We make scrapbooks to remember, to get a passing grade in an assignment, for love, for fun or simply to express over-the-edge whackiness (Note: We’re especial suckers for over-the-edge whackiness, even though this book was made for all of these reasons). Make your own virtual scrapbook – make one on paper and post pictures of the pages or just make a collage of pics and text or put it all on PowerPoint or make a collage-y kind of blog post. It doesn’t have to be memory-related – pick your favourite person, artefact, online experience, trinket, relative, pet, tool, food, place. Whatever you want. And be inspired by Taruja’s example. We love her creative pairing of unexpected visuals and text to recreate her memory of her grandfather. Make a scrapbook with all you want to say/remember/forget about this person/place/thing. You could unearth treasures more precious than gold, memories possibly of your most favourite people, the smoothest pebble ever, the best-est dosa you ever ate, you get the idea.

Find more information here. Winners will get a review copy of Aajoba – My Grandfather by Taruja Parande (pssst: Enter the contest on their blog, on Twitter or on Facebook).


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